Ductless Air Conditioning

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Kissimmee is one of the biggest cities in Florida with many attractions and tourist spots.

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It is filled with lots of vacation homes and local businesses that support the tourism industry. Each year millions of visitors gather here for the ultimate fun experience. 

Homes and Businesses in Kissimme

Often times a kissimmee home or business will need to install air conditioning quickly and with a lower cost than traditional ducted systems. Many home owners in the Vacation market – especially for holiday apartments prefer the ease and lower costs of installing ductless air conditioning. Let’s look at why?

Ductless air conditioning is more efficient for vacation homes. 

Why is ductless air conditioning a better efficiency choice?

ductless air conditioning

The ductless air conditioning system can cool a home faster. They have fans that change speed according to the inside and outside conditions.

Why is ductless air conditioning better?

The ductless system has hoses that are responsible for no echo, therefore the system is less noisy. Also, the ductless system is cheaper and easy to maintain than traditional ducted systems throughout a home or apartment. They can be more energy efficient in some instances.

They can be controlled in different zones, thus one room can be cooled more than another and choice being the biggest factor for tenants and vacation rental patrons.  

Pros of installing ductless air conditioning systems 

  • The ductless air conditioning system is drilled into a wall with a small hole only. So it’s less vulnerable to air leakage.
  • Unlike window units, they are less visible and less noisy.
  • You can save up to 25%-30% on heating and cooling costs in a ductless system. 
  • They have inter driven Compressors which can speed up and slow down as per needs.   
  • The installation process is faster than a ducted system. So you don’t have to keep yourself in discomfort for too long. The technicians can install in a day. So fast!

If you build an addition to your vacation home, ductless is a good choice!


Extending ductwork to the new addition is costly and time-consuming. For a quick set up, a ductless system can be a great choice for installation and maintenance and that means saving money.

It provides customizable comfort

The guests of your vacation homes may want the personalized temperature in each room. As the ductless system offers zoned temperature control, they can enjoy their desired temperature in each zone.      

How does a ductless air conditioning system increase energy efficiency?   

You have control of each unit and therefore can have one off while another is working and vice versa. They prevent continuous cooling. This enormously lowers the energy bills.    

As the ductless systems only require a small hole, it prevents leakage and therefore increases energy efficiency. 

How does a ductless air conditioning unit improve indoor air quality? and why does that matter in Kissimmee tourism?    

The tourists want the best place to stay and relax. If they don’t get what they come for they will have a lack luster experience and that will cause damage to your business. However, one important factor that canot be overlooked is the reality that you live in a place where the ir quality is substandard and many people suffering allergies need to take precautions. 

Vacation property owners must provide the best indoor air quality possible. If any of your guests have dust allergies, the ductless system will be a good choice. The ductless system doesn’t allow dust and dirt. The multilayer filtration stops the pollutants or allergens to enter the home. This ensures the best indoor quality for your vacation homes. The healthier the vacation homes are the better it is for the guests.

To conclude, the ductless system is a cost-effective option for vacation home owners. They require less maintenance costs. This is a plus point for having a ductless system.

You are not done having the ductless system only. You need to get them checked on a regular basis.